How to get there

1. Flight

You’ll need to fly first to Lima, then to Tarapoto.

While booking your flight to Lima be sure to time your arrival for the morning or early afternoon.

The last flight to Tarapoto is at 6:00 pm.

You’ll be able to buy a ticket to Tarapota from Lima at the desk of the following airlines: Lam, Peruvian and Star Peru.

The duration of the flight is one hour and fifteen minutes.

2. Hotel

We recommend making reservations at the Patarashca Hotel. A room cost about $20 USA dollars a day, and includes breakfast.

The hotel is conveniently located two blocks from Tarapoto’s main square. It also has the best restaurant in town, serving the local cuisine.

The cost of a Mototaxi from the airport to the hotel is $2.50 USA dollars.

3. Huaira caspi

From the hotel (or the airport), the last leg of the journey will be to “Paradero Sauce,” located in Carretera Fernando Belaunde Terry block 700 of Banda de Shilcayo. The duration of the trip to Sauce is about one hour and thirty minutes with the cost of 60 dollars for a private vehicle.

At your arrival to Sauce, we will guide you to Huira Caspi Center, which is 2 miles up the hills from the Laguna Azul lake front.

Nearby tourism

Laguna Azul, a magnificent lake which offers good swimming, boating and fishing. Accommodations, ranging from camping to upscale bungalows, are available around the area.

Enjoy the hot springs and the medicinal muds of Thermal Don Grimaldo.

Get up close and personal with Peru’s wildlife at Ecoparque La Soñada.