Ayahuasca center in Tarapoto, Peru.


Situated in the lush landscape of Tarapoto, Peru, lies the Huaira Caspi Healing Center. The word “huiara”: means air and “caspi”: comes from the name of a master plant called anacaspi, which teachers take to protect themselves from spirits of other dimensions and learn icaros. At Huiara Caspi we dedicate ourselves to offering a profound spiritual and healing experience, a journey of self-discovery and transformation through ayahuasca, dietas and ancient plant-spirit shamanism of the Amazon.

The center is run by Peruvians only, without the intermediation of foreigners. The founders are Carlos Llerena Chavez, his brother Juan, and their sister Sylvia, who are responsible for overlooking all activities. We have deep roots in the Peruvian vegetalismo. We cook our own food with local products, brew our own ayahuasca, and cultivate our own medicinal plants. We nourish a deep intimacy and connection with plants, which we consider as our allies, friends and family.

We are open to different kinds of communities, such as LBGT, people suffering with PTSD, drug addiction and other physical or mental health problems, or seeking spirituality, personal development, contemplation of nature. At Huaira Caspi, you can be comfortable and safe in a protected environment. We combine commitment, competence and trust while maintaining a high level of courage, integrity and compassion. We offer you a unique experience with excellent care.
We hope you can join us here, calm your mind, and bring more tranquility to your life.

Meet our staff

Carlos Llerena Chávez

Is a Peruvian vegetalista. He was born in Iquitos in 1978, from a Shipibo mother and a mestizo father. His maternal grandfather was a Yagua healer who lived in Maniti, a small village nearby. In 1980, the family moved to Pucallpa, where at the age of 17, Carlos met a great Shipibo teacher who taught him how to use medicinal plants for healing for more then 4 years.
Carlos further continued to learn from several other teachers throughout the Ucayali region of Peru. He currently lives in Tarapoto, Peru, and works both with national and international patients.

Juan Llerena Chávez

And his twin brother were born in Iquitos, Peru in 1973. They were the grandsons of Gabino Chávez, a well-known Yagua curandero (healer). Their mother, who knew the hardships and dangers of the profession of healer, hid this fact; she believed her father had died as a result of a shamanic duel and was afraid her children would follow the same path. In the 1980s, the family moved to Pucallpa and his mother, Silvia Chavez, introduced Juan to vegetalismo tradition.
Silvia served the community as a midwife, and her patients have been mostly children. At the age of 20, Juan began his shamanic training, and learned about his lineage. During an illness, a Christian revelation helped Juan recover his health. From that moment on, he decided to incorporate the mystical aspects of Christianity into his work. Juan has never had any teachers.
This means that the dieta has been his only path of learning. He has gained vast knowledge of the medicinal plants of the Amazon jungle. For the last 20 years, Juan has been assisting his older brother, Alberto, and his younger brother, Carlos; all three of them are shamans.

Silvia Llerena Chávez

Was born in Iquitos, Peru, in 1968, the 6th of 8 children.
Her mother, Silvia Chávez, raised her family in isolation in the jungle outside Iquitos, never needing a Western doctor, thanks to her traditional knowledge of plant medicines. This knowledge was passed to her daughter Silvia Llerena; in particular, the traditions about plants used to restore children’s health.
In the 1980s, the family moved to Pucallpa, where Silvia raised two children of her own. Silvia often participates in family ceremonies with her three shaman brothers. She also has been a practitioner of dietas for many years. Her understanding of the healing process is invaluable in her work as a cook at the Huira Caspi Center, one of the few centers exclusively run by Peruvians.



  • I had anxiety issues that conventional psychiatric meds didn’t alleviate without harmful side effects. So I came to the jungle to try plant medicine healing with Carlos, and many months after a 10-day dieta, my symptoms are almost non-existent.

    – Anonymous
    Ceremonies and Dieta Participant

  • Carlos and his family provide an excellent container for anyone to embark upon, or expand upon, their personal healing work.

    I have had the great blessing and fortune to attend two dietas as well as several ceremonies with Carlos. My exceptionally profound and varied experiences with Carlos as a facilitator could already fill a small book!!!

    I pursued dieta after hearing about a close friend’s powerful healing from a one-month dieta. I had been experiencing severe trauma from scar tissue; which was the result of an emergency surgery over a decade before. Since my dietas, I have rarely felt discomfort.

    I am told that working with plant medicines can be a slow process, but I’m amazed at how effective just two dietas have been! In addition to the physical healing I’ve shared, I have received countless emotional healings in these ceremonies. I have found tools that work for me in achieving greater clarity with forgiveness for those that have acted in horrifying ways towards me. My compassionate understanding of the nature of individuals, as well as the collective of humanity and it’s unhealed conditions, has gratefully evolved to an even higher level of awareness and immersion.

    Truthfully, I can offer I had intentions, but no expectations, about how my experience working with Carlos and the plant medicines would be. Gratefully, I’ve always understood that we are one with everything and everyone, that personal healing is paramount to evolution, and love truly is the answer to everything. From the bounty of my experiences with the medicine, I have learned to love and accept myself and others even more than I could have imagined. I now feel that my connection with being here [on earth] is even more integrated and that I am in a fuller, more peaceful state of simply “being.”

    I am now blessed with new friends for life, indeed new family; people I feel I have known many times before…people walking this sacred path of conscious awareness for healing on all levels. When we heal ourselves, we are playing our most important role in helping to heal the planet.

    These experiences have been unparalleled in how they have helped me heal, rapidly, physically and emotionally. In turn, my spirituality has both deepened and expanded. I will most definitely be continuing on this path of healing.

    Your journey inward is the most rewarding journey you will ever take, the treasures that lie awaiting your healing are beyond words. For this part of it, in my experiences thus far, they are more than wellqualified guides, and I recommend them wholeheartedly and wish them the best successes as they move forward with sharing their knowledge and gifts.

    – Anonymous
    Ceremonies and Dieta Participant

  • There are so many good things to say about Carlos’ work as a shaman.
    I had the opportunity to be in traditional medicine retreats with him several times, and each time it was transformational.

    As I regard this shamanistic work as something very sacred, I am also very selective when it comes to choosing a shaman as he or she needs to be very experienced in this line of work.

    This is in my opinion absolutely true about Carlos. He provides such a safe space in this healing work that I trust him completely that everything is being guided for my highest good in those circles.

    I can’t recommend him and his brother Juan highly enough.

    – Kirsten W.
    Ceremonies and Dieta Participant

  • I read somewhere before my first experience that taking plant medicine (say Ayahuasca if you can) is like “psychoanalysis on steroids.”

    It’s true.

    It also initiated a spiral awakening along with many physiological benefits.

    – Anonymous Psychotherapist
    Ceremonies and Dieta participant

  • To heal our planet, we must heal ourselves. Since beginning my work with Carlos and the medicine, my heart has expanded with infinite love and gratitude for Gaia and all living beings.

    The transformation has been mind expanding and life altering, allowing me to cultivate self-love and recognizing its importance in healing the collective.

    Carlos and his family create a beautiful and safe space for the healing process. Their knowledge and professionalism are unparalleled in an avenue that requires much effort and trust.

    – Ashley C.
    Ceremonies and Dieta Participant

  • My dieta in Peru under the guidance of Carlos, Alberto and Juan: a vivid, intense experience …wonderful…full of wonder SO grateful to these wonderful, caring and tireless shamans! Life unfolding within and out, in vibrant states Collapse of doing…emergence of awareness….how open and vibrant we can be and endless our prehension of our shape-shifting reality …how therapeutic …

    Love, care, awareness resonates deep ….connection with others in the quest as you are, ready as you are, sharing, guiding, protecting …

    Body and mind open ….open…and receive SO much as life is pouring through waves of wonder…

    Yes,…. warmly ! by all means recommended!!!!

    – Stephanie L.
    Dieta Participant

  • Many of the most profound experiences of my life have been facilitated by Carlos. I literally jump at the chance to sit with him whenever possible. He is a true gift, selflessly working to help others heal.

    Carlos comes from a long lineage of master shamans in Peru. When working with powerful plant medicines, it’s important to have a shaman you trust who can effectively hold the space for your individual work and the entire group. Carlos has devoted his life to this endeavor, and you can immediately tell the first time you sit with him. You are in incredibly experienced and compassionate hands.

    Every single time I’ve sat in ceremony with Carlos, I’ve had a transformative experience and brought profound insights back to my everyday life. I always feel invigorated, empowered, refreshed, and ready to take on life’s challenges with a more fully integrated perspective.

    For example, in one ceremony I contemplated the idea of life and death. What does it mean to die? Why was I so afraid of death? I came to see, in perfect clarity visually in front of me, how my life is a single thread within the vast cloth of time. I rewound all the way back in time through my parents, ancestors, beginning of life, infant earth, infant sun, infant universe, and saw how I was one small part of this much more incredible story… I found a new sense of place and purpose within the great unfolding. It was a transcendental experience of unity.

    That insight is now permanently a part of me: I am separate from nothing; that even death is an illusion, because I have always existed in various forms, and when my body decays, it will simply continue to evolve into new beautiful formations of matter and energy.

    Many other profound realizations occurred during ceremonies that brought me into an improved relationship with my own mind, my own feelings, and my own relationships. Carlos and his plant medicine have provided a uniquely safe space to unravel fundamental stories I’d told myself for years (many that had been told to me by parents and teachers) that were simply not true and no longer serving me. I came to realize that my beliefs were limiting the possibilities of my reality, and was able to let them go like dandelions in the wind. This left me with the wholehearted understanding that anything is possible, if we make the space for it, clear our blockages and internal illusory confusions, and dedicate our full being to its fruition.

    I can say without a doubt that sitting in ceremony with Carlos will transform your life.

    Whatever you’re working on, it’s very likely that you will make leaps and bounds and come out the other side with a much deeper understanding of yourself and a vastly improved toolset to live the life you want and be your highest self.

    – Anonymous
    Ceremonies Participant

  • Sitting with Maestro (teacher) Carlos was more profound than I could have hoped for. He is quite accomplished and gifted in creating a safe container in which deep healing can take place. In addition to sharing his powerful medicine, Carlos is authentically invested in the goodbeing of everyone who sits with him – truly one of the most gentle, kind and compassionate people you will meet. If you are in search of a skilled, approachable and well-intentioned teacher to have a cathartic healing experience with, look no further. Carlos is truly dedicated to sharing the expansive and elaborate medicinal traditions of his people to all who are called to it.

    – Brooke C.
    Ceremonies Participant

  • Attempting to wrap my head, much less my heart around the ceremony I sat with Carlos and Roberto would be most challenging. This experience was healing, transformative, awakening, and expansive- to say the least. I nervously arrived, filled with splintering anxiety. On some level, though, aware that I was held… that this was good. What I stepped into was a very inclusive circle, all members ready to dive into the process.

    Believe it or not, the container began to move and take shape as soon as I committed to a ceremony. Showing up in new ways, Maa revealing her truth and ability. Throughout the ceremony, the space felt tight, secure, and safe. While there were points of startling discomfort, of facing my biggest fears, of traveling into spaces I had no idea existed… I was deeply, passionately aware that the path was beneath me, that all was right, in alignment, and clearing.

    I can’t express the depth of my gratitude in words. I will forever be humbled, inspired, and moved by this experience. I’ll never be the same. I left with a sense of community that I was so desperately yearning for. I received all that I was ready to process and integrate- enough substance for lifetimes, really! I left feeling more whole than I ever recall feeling. Bowing to the elements- the Earth beneath me, the Sky above me, the Fire within me, the Ether that cradles me, and the Water that runs through me. This is Big Medicine. This is Love in Action. This is big responsibility. This is work. This is growing pains. This is attunement. We are ready. Om Namah Shivaya~

    – Anonymous
    Ceremonies Participant

  • Went to Peru with a laundry list of what was wrong with me, predominantly insomnia, massive stress, and some physical ailments which were not lethal in nature but were indicative of a body which had been under stress for far too long. Much of my physical health was (I
    knew) connected to emotional issues and underlying childhood traumas. I committed to 18 days in the jungle with Carlos, and came out
    the other end with my insomnia gone, my health restored and my vitality and energy repaired. The combination of simple food, pristine
    environment, zero electronic distractions (no loss there) and Carlos’ gift for plant medicine healing gave me back everything I was missing. Not only did we do ceremony but Carlos also administered various plant medicines (as cold teas) throughout the 18 days. We had a break about ten days in and went for a visit to the town for a great feast of local fish, chicken and other dishes which fortified us for the next eight days.

    I have worked with Carlos since and will continue to work with this gifted shaman, gifted not only with the ability to communicate with the plant medicines but also with intelligence, compassion, and humour. I look forward to working with him again in Peru.

    – Love, Michele H.
    Dieta Participant

  • Carlos’s guided journey into the other world was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was guided by Carlos and his brother Juan on a Dieta and an Ayahuasca journey while in Peru. I tried to do a lot of research before I went and studied shamanism for years, but only from books.

    Although at times the spirit of ayahuasca, in the beginning, can make you feel like you are having a “near death experience,” Carlos was always there to Ground me, reassure me, and send me back on a positive journey. Carlos gave me a chance to see the other side of the spirit world, as well as to see nature in other ways. I saw people as energy and auras. I no longer think of the human body as a “meat suit.”At some time during the evening after Carlos and Juan walk you around you will feel “reborn.” You will have a need to do things you have left undone, and for things that you have not said to people. You will want to live your new life with Vigor. You will feel life has given you a second chance. The natural and jungle setting will put you in tune with the Earth like you have never felt. That’s just your first journey. For most people, there will be three more to make.

    The healthy diet you will be on will result in slow and safe weight loss. I’ve kept off 8 pounds for almost two years now. I remember the moment after walking up a hill in Peru when the last bit of “white sugar left my body.” I now only use about ten percent of the white sugar that I used to use. I feel much better for it. I stayed on the recommended diet for two weeks after I got home. Every second day Carlos gives you a complementary plant medicine which helps with a particular part of your body.

    Before I went, I had high pressure in the eyes and the doctors wanted me to use drops ever day for the rest of my life. I even had a dream in PERU that my eyes were being healed. A few weeks after my return my eye pressure dropped from 16 to six, as measured by the doctor. My eyes are still better now. My doctor was mad that I would no longer use the burning eye drops. Being from Canada, I always had a large amount of phlegm. Although I didn’t snore at that time, I was a heavy night breather. My wife swears that I am a silent sleeper now and my lungs and sinuses have never worked better two years later.

    Carlos does not play this up much, or I missed the speech.You will be healthier when you go home. I just went for the spiritual aspect which surpassed all my expectations.

    Language is not a barrier; I had little Spanish when I went there. Roberto and the others travelers I met while on my travels were some of
    the highlights of my journey. I am still friends with them and look forward to traveling again with them someday. And a return journey with Carlos!

    Although I was over fifty when I traveled, and the average age of the new friends I met was 27, I was just one of the gang…there to have fun and learn.

    Peru and Carlos was one of the greatest adventures of my life and one I will make again.

    – Mike B.
    Dieta Participant